Four Years, 224 Posts, And 57,288 Words Later

Here we are.

It’s been four years since this little blog came into being. Four entire years of poetry, prose, short stories, and everything my mind could muster in between. You can find stolen glances of arguably the most significant years of my life on here, little intimate views into my candid mind, an open diary. You’ve felt grief alongside me as you read my pain ridden words. The chaotic tangents of overwhelming emotions have been heard, been listened to by this safe space when I felt nobody else did. This past year alone, you’ve watched me fall into new feelings and fade out of them. My revival and rejuvenation has been echoed in your mind and you’ve listened as my grief has transitioned into acceptance and the love of what was lost. You have been by my side at times when if I had the option, I wouldn’t have. This space has been the one constant in my life and I cannot thank you enough for keeping it peaceful, beautiful, cherished, and safe.

And to my newcomers: on this page, you have access to the most vulnerable parts of me, the most open and honest parts of my soul. I ask you, sincerely and kindly; treat them gently.

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