Between the gentle swinging of the hammock and the steady rhythm of your heart, that night became my favorite song. Lyrics in the constellations, acoustic guitar in the hum of our voices, and the gentle drum of your heartbeat. Everything was so simple. It felt natural, easy, beautiful, peaceful. Words can’t express how serene I was, how we were. I was completely content and could have easily spent many more hours there with you, croodled against one another.

The world seemed to have frozen and the only thing that mattered in those moments were those constellations, the gentle laughter, the wind, and my head against your beating heart. I told you I had never seen you coming, never seen us coming. You said the same thing. I think that’s how the most beautiful creations occur – a trouvaille discovered by chance, by windfall. There is beauty in spontaneity and I think we embody that in a way.

We are as astral as the planets, as the stars. We are our very own constellation when our hands interlock. Something seems so natural, so right about this. I don’t quite know how to explain it but I am in no place to question it. There is beauty in the stars and therefore beauty in us.

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