You are really underappreciated.

I know I remind you constantly of how much I adore you and how deeply you’ve impacted my life.

I don’t remind you enough, though.

I could take every waking moment of each day for the next 30 years to tell you “I love you and you are important”.

Assuming 8 out of 24 would be spent sleeping, that leaves 16 hours of the day. There are 60 minutes in each hour, making 960 minutes in 16 hours. There are 60 seconds in each minute, making 57,600 seconds in 16 hours. Assuming it takes approximately 3 seconds to speak that phrase, I would be able to remind you 19,200 each day for 30 years, making 576,000 reminders total.

That would still not be enough.

You are this light in my life of foggy evening.

You are all the best parts of Domino’s chocolate lava cake (which is all of it).

You are the physical embodiment of laughter and joy, compassion and comfort.

If a person could be home, it would be you.


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