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Sometimes I think about how you have never seen my blog. You’ve never read any of my work in the past (almost) three years or anything of which I have really felt proud. Honestly, I don’t quite remember what you did read. All I know is you always encouraged me to keep writing and writing and writing and writing and reading and reading and reading and reading. You always believed in me and that I could do whatever I wished. I can’t thank you enough for that.
I have a blog now, Mom. I write about you, cancer, school, Naiya (my best friend; you would absolutely adore her), a boy (of course), myself, and kind of anything. I just write. Once I am done writing, I write again.
I also placed 3rd in a county wide poetry competition. It was a pretty amazing experience. The judges were all famous authors and there were hundreds of entries and somehow mine was chosen. Mine. My words. My poem. My poem that I wrote about you. It’s called Bittersweet Sacrifices. It’s an award winning poem, now. I’m an award winning poet.
In Creative Writing II, we had a YouTube channel called The Inkblot and an online magazine where our work got published. We had four articles, each of which had a theme: 3 A.M., Colors, Abandoned Buildings, and Space. We were free to write whatever we wished as long as it had the topic. It could be any style, any length, any plotline. We had freedom. It was through that class that I really began to love writing short stories. Yes, I have always adored reading them and imagining my own, but writing them always seemed too daunting of a task. I challenged myself. The first piece I wrote was “Missing Me And Parts Of You; An Epistolary Short Story” for the 3 A.M. article. It was a letter from one character to another. I left it rather ambiguous, as that is an aspect I have always grown to love. It leaves much to the reader’s own interpretation and also much room for the reader to connect. There are so many opportunities for different ideas but in the end, it is all the same story. I am truly proud of that piece.
Since then, I have written several short stories (all of which are short, by definition. I eventually will begin one with chapters but for now, I am honing my skills) and published them on my blog, of which has a specific “Short Stories” tab.
Honestly, I don’t know why I am writing this. I am sitting in a chair filled with Pringles crumbs and a stupid fruit fly (whom I have named Sir Fredrick) keeps zooming by to see my progress. I love you endlessly and just wish you could’ve seen how far I’ve come, how happy I am. I wish you were here

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