Bracless And Sliced Hair

Yesterday I did what I’ve been wanting to do for so, so long; cut my hair dramatically.

I got my braces of the day before and went in for a cut, knowing exactly what I wanted. I need a change, something to show how much I’ve changed within. I was so ready to lose my 50 pounds of endless hair and welcome a new chop.

In the end, 20 inches were cut off of my hair. I feel so much more free. I no longer have to constantly think about it getting tangled or misshapen or being unruly. I wake up with it the same way I fell asleep. Also, I don’t have to do multiple rounds of shampoo and conditioner in the shower anymore! Additionally, when I am jamming in the car, I no longer whip the victim in the backseat with my hair, which is pretty rad.
I am so, so happy.

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