Recipe For Disaster

Preheat the county to approx. 90 to 13 degrees farienheit.

In a large bowl, blend together superior power, manipulativeity, senselessness, and “I have no idea what I’m doing but I am going to put on this suit and act like it anyway so I get money and votes.”

Quickly add in a petite dash of logic.

Set aside your finished School Board.

In a separate bowl, take innocence, passion, curiosity, and drive and whisk them until you create a silk-like consistency.

Proceed to add in disgrace, disappointment, lack of sleep, hopelessness, and loss of drive to the bowl.

Set aside your finished students.

In a medium bowl, take good intentions, power, strong-willed, manipulated, passion, and pour a bit of unrealistic expectations into the mix.

Set aside your finished teaching staff.

Take all three bowls and slowly pour them one by one into a large beater, until they are all blended thoroughly.

Bake for approx. 9 months.


Congrats, you have created the local school system.

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