Bittersweet Sacrifices

My heart beats.

Yours doesn’t.

Blood flows fluidly through my veins.

Yours has come to a halt.

My chest rises and falls with every breath.

Yours is forever frozen after your last.

Water swallows my eyes at your memory.

Yours are sealed shut, never to open again.

I feel my bones creak as I walk alone.

Your joints will never shift again.

My hair clusters my face as the sharp autumn wind blows.

You had lost yours several Februarys ago.

I miss you beyond the understanding of the simplistic human mind

and I would do anything to have you back.

You didn’t deserve a life full of nothing but hardships.

You didn’t ask for your life to be taken over by a disease.

You should’ve had a life,

long lived.

You should be there when I go off to Prom

and when Elise goes to 8th grade formal.

You should be able to watch Abbie graduate proudly,

and you should be able to write to your hearts content.

But you can’t

You simply cannot.

The things I would do to have you back




For you to be happy

and have the life you fully deserved.

The things I would do to turn the

“can’ts” into “cans”


“mines” into “yours”.

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