On John Green

I have heard a lot of opinions on John Green’s writing from several different perspectives. I personally have read all of the books he has written or co-written, and I have happened to fall in love with each and every novel.
The largest complaint I hear, is that is writing style is much to “wordy” and “intellectual”. Isn’t that what makes literature beautiful, though? It exposes you to whole new worlds, beyond your imagination, and dips you into new oceans of knowledge and it’s nothing short of beautiful.
I have made it my personal goal to write like John when I make my career. I want to change people’s perspectives while soaking them in an art form in its purest. There is only one persons writing of which whom I enjoy more than John’s, and that would be my mother’s.
I also happen to love the person John is behind the screen. He’s so carefree and so bizarrely himself, I can’t help but to enjoy it. If you ever get the chance, check out his YouTube or any of his books; you will not be disappointed.

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