Birthdays and Birth Days

My mom would always say to me, that my birthday (October 17th, 1999) was the day I was born, but it was also her Birth Day, the day she gave birth to me. I have always loved that. Of course, it is the day the child takes their first breath, but it is also the day the mother goes through hours of hunger, labor, and pain, all to give the child life. Therefore, I always made a point on my birthday (or her Birth Day) to give her something special. She continued to support me from the second I came into this world, screaming at the top of my lungs, and she loved me until she left.

My Language Arts teacher (which happens to be one of my favorite subjects, and a fabulous teacher) happens to have just given birth to her second son.  It amazes me how she managed to come to the school everyday and teach obnoxious teenagers, and I admire her for that. It certainly must’ve taken so much willpower, strength, and determination, as well as dedication. She is such an intelligent and strong woman, and I am proud to have had her as my teacher.

Everyday, people when come into your life, and unknowingly change it forever. We need t take a moment to really absorb all that is around us. We need to breathe in the crisp, clean air, take morning walks in the freshly fallen dew, appreciate the kind people who hold the doors for us when we cannot, and do simple acts of kindness. It is the simplest thing that can turn someone’s day around.

Birthdays and Birth Days have stuck with me this far, and they will forever, and I hope they will with you too, now. Comment anything that your parents told you growing up that has stuck with you!


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